JAN 2021

Well what a way to start the year, a busy start for us at Carina Reeves speech and drama school as we welcomed new students coming on board and continued to run our online lessons.

LAMDA exams can award a total of 100 marks. A pass grade is anything over 50 marks, anything over 65 is a merit and anything over 80 is distinction.

As we prepare for our exams in June, we are delighted to report that each year our hard working students, receive 100% pass mark with a Distinction or a Merit.

Aside from a qualification, we know that the experience of sharing their work in an exam gives our students important lifelong skills including:

  • Self-ease and self-belief
  • Perseverance and commitment
  • Thinking imaginatively in the moment
  • The ability to communicate with anyone or any audience in any situation
  • The ability to interact effectively with all people
  • The ability to work under pressure

It has been wonderful to see our students flourish in these areas. And we cant wait to finally see our students face-to-face from the 8th March.